List of Lottery Coupons in India

Hello, folks today I am going to represent top online lottery in India. If you play the lottery a lot and want to make some extra income then don’t worry. Today I will tell you the most popular lottery in India in different states and how can you play them. Since the Independence of the country, people are investing in lottery tickets to make money So to push this game in India many private companies have put this business online.

List of Coupons Lottery in India

Here is a complete list of lottery played online and offline.

Raja Rani Coupon Lottery

Raja Rani is a lottery scheme organized only in Bihar, Bengal, and Jharkhand. Now the question is how you can apply for this lottery ticket? Well, you have to buy the lottery ticket from your nearest lottery retailer. After buying a coupon, you can log in to the official site by providing vital information like your card number and pin number. You can read more about Raja Rani Coupon Lottery.

Golden Navratna Coupon

Golden Navratan is a lottery system popular in Countries Like India, Nepal, and Bhutan. The lottery coupons have a Card number and a PIN number that is used to login on Golden Navratan Coupon official website. If you have brought a Golden Navratan lottery ticket then get ready to try your luck. Read more about – Golden Navratan Coupon

Satta King Lottery

Satta Matka Result

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Many peoples are enjoying this game across Uttar Pradesh state. The game is more popular in the states of Uttar Pradesh. Well, let me tell you Gali Disawar also allows you to create your own game and let the people invest in your game and make money with it.The main requirement to get into the game is ‘Cash’ Yes to be a part of Satta Matka bazar community you should have some money to invest. Read More about Satta King Result 

In future I will bring more lottery coupons and online lottery in India so stay in touch.

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